I'm a scientist in my day job...

Today was a fun day for me as a scientist. I had the privilege and honor to appear on NPR's Here & Now news show. I was interviewed by Peter O'Dowd, about the recent UN Report on our present biodiversity crisis. Here & Now wanted to talk to a plant biologist, to raise awareness about the dangers plant face in this extinction crisis.

I was recorded in the studio at WOSU, our local NPR affiliate station. It was a nice set-up, and the sound engineer (Eric French) made me feel very welcome there.

I talked to Peter, who was in the Boston WBUR studio, and we were chatting for about 20 minutes. That 20 minutes was edited to a 10-minute segment, and it turned out pretty well, I think.

You can see the article, and listen to the interview here:

Often Overlooked, Declining Plant Biodiversity Sows Trouble for Humans

here and now fron page.jpeg